Relationships, the need to know

Relationships are a tricky thing. People nowadays have different mindsets towards who they claim as they’re significant other and the meaning of such titles and bonds. Modern relationships have what is viewed as an “understanding” of sorts in comparison to many traditional types of relationships.

This new viewpoint is what is upsetting the balance of what is known today as a Situationship. Present day relationships consist of many different abstract ideas that consist in the belief that bonds have more value than titles.

The average male and female of this generation believes that by having other options they are able to achieve more of what they might miss by being loyal to just one person. Monogamy has become a downward trend as people began to submit to the ever-changing concept on what love is and what it should be.

My belief is that people return to basics. The dynamics of what we see as what a relationship should be should be based on the treatment and value we want someone to hold us at. Though we might want more, the ability to accept and appreciate the people of your lives on whatever significant value is a culture we need to learn to accept and embrace.


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